Moira G Killoran, Phd, CPCC

Dr. Moira Killoran is an academic career and leadership coach who helps academic professionals become more accomplished researchers, authors, and leaders. Moira is a professionally certified coach who brings extensive experience working with faculty members, university administrators, and graduate students, as well as executives and leaders in healthcare, finance and other corporate settings.

Moira has developed numerous tools and programs to help academics and leaders become more self-aware through time management, prioritization, team development, and leadership. She specializes in helping academics identify behavior change strategies (conscious and intentional decision making, negotiation and delegation, conflict management and strategic planning) to meet their academic and work/life balance goals.

Moira leverages her training as a cultural anthropologist, attuned to the nuances of impression management within organizations. She has been principal investigator (PI) or co-PI on a variety of studies, and has been funded by numerous sources including the NIH, DOD, and SSRC. Moira’s publications focus on gender and identity construction, organizational culture, substance use, and doctor-patient communication. Her faculty appointments have included positions at George Washington University and Whittier College. She received her PhD in cultural anthropology from The University of Texas at Austin, and has post-doctoral training from the University of California-Berkeley and the University of California-San Francisco in medical anthropology.

Based on her expertise and additional training and certification from the Coaches Training Institute, and IPEC, she has developed coaching programs for academics and leadership coaching for individuals. She has worked with academics from over 150 different Universities nationally and internationally, developing leadership, work-life balance, and time management programs. In addition to her academic clients, she has also worked with professionals from non-profits, wealth management firms, and executives and leaders in such areas as the pharmaceutical and health care industries. In addition to Killoran’s early training in the world of theater, she has worked for many years as a university professor, publishing in peer-reviewed books and journals, and teaching and conducting research on behavior change.

Selected Publications:

Killoran, M. and Moyer, A. (2006). Surgical Treatment Preferences in Chinese-American Women with Early-Stage Breast Cancer. Psycho-Oncology 15:969-984.

CB Cunradi, R Moore, M Killoran, and G Ames. Survey Nonresponse Bias among Young Adults: The Role of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drugs. (2005). Substance Use & Misuse, 40(2):171-185.

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Killoran, M. (1998). Good Muslims and Bad, Good Women and Feminists (or, the Condom Story). Ethos, Journal of the Society of Psychological Anthropology 26(2):183-203.